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Strategy and Planning FOR NEW BUSINESSES

So you have an idea and want to move forward with your new business venture, but you’re not sure how. Let me help you plan and strategize your next steps.

course curriculum development and implementation

You want to teach a class, share your knowledge, and of course, make a profit. But the idea of putting together an online course exhausts you. That’s where I come in. I can help you organize, streamline and execute your course curriculum painlessly.


Basic Marketing Consultation

While I’m no marketing expert, I do happen to be skilled in niches and population discovery. Aka: I’m your audience spy and know how to find and narrow down who your audience is. Once you have that, hand it over to your marketing person and let them do their thing!

*Package prices are custom to each client. Contact me for more details

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Why Pre-Made?


If you are not artistically inclined enough to want to DIY your own business graphics, starting from a pre-made is a great option. If you purchase a high quality pre-made branding kit, it can be as easy as swapping out a few colors, fonts or layouts to make it a customized version for your brand. And if you don’t want to make the customizations yourself, most designers are willing to do a revision to get it to your liking.

All for less than what you would pay to hire a high-end graphic designer (though they’re totally worth it!).

time & energy

In terms of efficiency and consistency, there’s no doubt that utilizing pre-made designs will get you and your business running sooner with less worry and stress. When you have a cohesive brand throughout what you’re doing, you’re already ahead of the game in terms of the look. So the website and subsequent design projects should be quicker to do since you already have a brand and brand style guide to go off of.

Basically, you’re saving hours and hours of your most valuable assets (time, energy, and money) when you go with an established pre-made design suite.

cohesiveness & confidence

When you start a business feeling equipped and prepared, you’re more likely to develop confidence and may even be interested in learning how to incorporate your brand in other ways like an opt-in or a lead magnet. Because you don’t have to worry or stress about the time and quality of your brand or designs, you’re able to feel confident in what you’re putting out — that means, you got it, more time, energy, and money saved.

Studies show that 82 percent of businesses that fail do so because of cash flow problem and lack of confidence.

So cost + time & energy + cohesiveness & confidence= ?

increased revenue*

When you “bootstrap” your business from the beginning, you learn that you have more of a budget for the things that can improve your business and life. Like an in-person retreat with your favorite #boss.

And be honest here, how much time & energy did you save by choosing a pre-made over going completely custom?

Spoiler Alert: It’s a shit-ton. (Yes, that’s an actual amount. As is AF).

It also works with in-progress and future projects because you don’t have to worry about styling or designing something when a shiny new idea hits. You can open up your template for say, a workbook, get out the rough draft of your idea, refine, and launch. You don’t have to wait for a designer. You don’t have to block off half a day to try to come up with something yourself.

Which brings me to why cohesiveness & confidence ties everything together. When you’re saving money, time & energy and seeing cohesive progress happening, your confidence soars. And as you become a more confident #boss, you are able to let go of the nitty gritty time sucking tasks to focus on the things you really need to be in your business. The “thing” that lights you up.

And when all of that happens? You start seeing an increase in your revenue.

*Disclaimer: I’m not saying this doesn’t happen with custom design because it absolutely does (I offer custom design, even!), but in my limited view, pre-mades allow that process to happen at a much more affordable rate with a quicker timeline.

Pre-Made Designs


pre-made squarespace websites

  • Coming soon!

Pre-Made Branding and Logo Kits

  • Coming soon!


pre-made Opt-In + Workbook Designs

  • Coming soon!

Custom Designs


2 week Website Design + Branding package

I approach website design a bit differently here at Purrfect Consulting. I believe that website design is done best when the designer is able to focus completely on the client and their project. I also believe that a great quality website design doesn’t need to drag out or be a multi-month project. That’s why I have a two (2) week turnaround on my custom website design projects. Yes, I have strict deadlines and due dates but my clients know that they’ll be receiving a beautiful website design in an efficient turnaround.


2-Week Turnaround

Can include everything below



Branding Questionnaire

Brand Moodboard

Primary + Secondary Logo Design

Branding Color Palette

Branding Typography

Submark Alternative Logo

Favicon Logo

Stock Photo “Curating”

2 Branded Social Media Assets



Website Mockups/Wireframes

5 Customized Designed Pages for Squarespace

Basic SEO

Blog Integration

Custom Website Icons

Custom CSS Code/Integrations

Coming Soon Landing Page

Header Banner Stock Photo Selection (custom quote for more than 1)

90 Minute training session and “How-To” Guide




paid membership site strategy and execution

You’ve grown your business and audience and now you’re ready for the next level. Starting a membership community is a great way to reward, incentivize and engage with your core audience while also monetizing the time you spend with them.


Although so much of our business is conducted online, there is still a huge demand for in-person meetups and retreats. If you specialize in coaching or 1-1 services, having an in-person retreat is a great way to gather your most loyal clients and celebrate their successes.


*Package prices are custom to each client. Contact me for more details.

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Systems + Processes Audit 

You’re overwhelmed, overworked and scared to death to look at those “productivity hacking” articles because what you have now is a hot mess.

Let me take a peek inside your mess and I’ll give you some actionable steps to take right away to start feeling lighter and more organized.

Systems and Processes Strategy and Execution

If you’re a business owner on the brink of throwing up your arms and saying “eff this shiz” about your intaking, outsourcing, bookkeeping — then it’s time for some help!

You don’t have to suffer in silence! Let me help you get your biz back on track.


*Package prices are custom to each client. Contact me for more details.